My Day… Do you really care?

Today pretty much started off like any other day and I should just throw it out there, it ended just like any other day as well; might as well stop writing right now but then this would not be a real blog… or would it? So as none of you know (since its my first time blogging), my day starts off every morning at 6am due to work. Actually, it should start off at 6am but with the damn snooze button, it ends up being 6:20 or so. Either way, once I am up, I do all the necessary things needed to get ready for work and try to leave the house by 6:55am, well I try to leave by that time. Of course, once I am on my way, it’s a war zone out there! Each car/driver for him or herself! I have learned to weave in and out of traffic so well that it takes makes about 20 minutes with traffic to get to work! This in itself deserves a damn gold medal!

By the time I am at work, its approximately 7:25 and then my life starts =) or at least that’s what I try to pretend! Today was no different from any other day except for the fact that my coworker came back after taking a couple of days off due to her aunts funeral… Do you guys care to know how she passed away? Probably not but this is my blog so I will be telling you anyways. It was a couples retreat, two couples to be exact and they were on the 152 highway at night-time driving to LA. Some old dude, about 65 years old (my coworker told me this) was drunk and driving on the wrong side and hit the car! Both of the women died in the crash and the men were sent to the hospital (they are ok).  The aunt left her little boy behind and a pretty big extended family… (I never said this would be a happy blog!). Anyways, this is a reminder to all of you who do drink and occasionally drive, to please be responsible. The term DD does not stand for Drunk Driver but instead it stands for Designated Driver. I think the term should be changed to RD: responsible Drive but then even those who drink think they are responsible… perhaps that wouldn’t work too well. Well, there goes that idea!

Well, that’s all I have to say for today, I shall come up with another story soon! Till then, much love!

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